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Rule BookThe World Heritage "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" are a cultural heritage that represents Japanese spiritual culture. Taking a form that reveres nature and the universe that is the origin of life and everything as prayers for gods and Buddhas who reside in the mountains and forests, it has been kept for a long time.

When walking the pilgrimage routes, we honor the following rules to preserve the blessings of this irreplaceable property for people all over the world forever.

1 We all preserve the "Site of Mankind".
Let's all join together to leave this wonderful legacy for future generations and reach out to study the nature and culture of the Kii Mountains.

2 Tread among the spirits of prayers from ancient times.
These paths hold the traces of many people's voices lifted in prayer. let's walk the paths and keep in mind that we follow those who have gone before us.

3 With a smile and greetings,enjoy our humanity.
Greet those who you meet, and take opportunities of exchange with local people.

4 Take care. Do not take nor bring any animals or plants here.
In the Kii Mountains where unique plant life abounds,all living things are important legacies. Let's cherish and carry a protective attitude towards nature.

5 Prepare a plan and equipment, and Let's walk with at a proper pace.
It is impossible to forecast the things that might happen en route. As some parts of the path are very steep, walk with a flexible plan considering weather,conditions and equipment.

6 Do not stray from the path.
Straying from the path can be dangerous,and there is the possibility of inflicting damage to plants. Let's be careful not to tread on plants.

7 Be careful with fire.
Do not be careless with cigarette butts, even a little carelessness can lead to fires. Take care when using fire.

8 Carry your garbage out. Keep the paths beautiful.
These paths have been preserved by local people from ancient times. Carry out any garbage you bring in. Let's leave these beautiful paths better off than before you came.

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