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Registered Properties

1 Name

Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range

2 Category of the Property

Cultural Heritage, Monuments and Sites (Cultural Landscapes)

(Reference) World Heritage 1 Natural Heritage
2 Cultural Heritage
  1. Monuments
  2. Buildings
  3. Sites (Cultural Heritage is included)

3 Places (Total 23 cities, towns and villages in three prefectures)


Wakayama Prefecture Shingu City  
Tanabe City  
Hashimoto City  
Ito County Katsuragi Town, Kudoyama Town and Koya Town
Nishimuro County Kamitonda Town, Shirahama Town, Susami Town
Higashimuro County Kushimoto Town, Nachikatsuura Town
Nara Prefecture Gojo City

Yoshino County Yoshino Town, Kurotaki Village, Tenkawa Village, Nosegawa Village, Totsukawa Village, Shimokitayama Village, Kamikitayama Village and Kawakami Village
Mie Prefecture Owase City  
Kumano City  
Watarai County Taiki Town
Kitamuro County Kihoku Town
Minamimuro County Mihama Town, Kiho Town

4 Classifications

The assets consist of the assets listed in 5. In accordance with the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties, 7 historic sites, 1 historic site and scenic spot, 1 scenic spot, 1 scenic spot and natural monument, and 4 natural monuments have been designated. In addition, the site contains 4 buildings national treasures and 23 buildings important cultural properties.

5 Contents of the Properties

"Sacred Sites and the Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" consist of the three sacred sites of "Yoshino and Omine" which is the base for Shugendo, "Kumano Sanzan" which is the center of the Kumano Faith, "Koyasan" which is the religious base of esoteric Buddhism, and the Pilgrimage Routes that connect them.

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